Meet My New Blog, Same As The Old Blog.

I’ve been blogging on Tumblr for almost 8 years now, but after their recent ban on all forms of nudity and outright censorship of most of my material, I began searching for a new place to host my blog, and I think I finally found it; WordPress. In the coming weeks I will begin the painstaking task of transferring everything (we’re talking thousands of posts) from my Tumblr over to this blog space.

Tumblr’s nudity ban removed one of the last major refuges for pornography on social media. Photos, videos and GIFs of genitalia and “female nipples,” as well as any visual depictions of sex acts, are no longer be allowed on the service as of Dec. 17. What a lousy decision, because honestly adult content is the only reason anyone used Tumblr. I really hope Tumblr fails and goes under.

As an independent filmmaker/photographer who makes/takes controversial, edgy and racy films & photos, Tumblr was one of the few places I used to be able to post freely, but just like when Google bought Blogger, I knew once Verizon got their grubby corporate hands on Tumblr it would all go to shit, and I was right! I’m surprised it didn’t go down the drain when Yahoo bought it years ago…

As indie artist we are left with less and less places on the internet to express ourselves without censorship and regulation. If you care even a little about freedom of sexual expression, this type of shit should infuriate you. Anyhow, I’m here now so please follow me on my new journey, thanx…
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