So I finally got around to finishing the final season of #houseofcards and without Frank Underwood’s character, the show completely came tumbling down like a house of cards! IT WAS as bad as I thought it would be! 🤦🏽‍♂️ It’s just not the same without Kevin Spacey! #netflix had a good thing going and they just had to fuck it up! And that ending? Dafuq was that?! They took one of my favorite shows and completely bastardized it! What a mediocre way to end such a smart, witty, and well written series. All because Netflix had to have a knee-jerk reaction and bandwagon jump (onto) the “MeToo” P.R. stunt car because of ALLEGATIONS. There is no “House of Cards” without Francis Underwood! He was and IS that show! They should have just ended it after season 5. 🤨

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