Can’t believe it’s 2016 already! And that it’s already the 28th! The first month of the year is almost over! Ended up celebrating New Year Eve in Tijuana, and boy did we have a good time! We rang in 2016 in the Hong Kong Club in T.J.’s Red Light district, and man what a party that was! As long as I’ve been visiting T.J. I’ve never once rang in New Year there, and I feel so stupid for not having done so earlier! I usually go to Cabo, Frisco or Mazatlan. Those places get it crackin’ on New Year Eve too, especially Cabo, but you have to know where to go.

On a regular night, Hong Kong is a lot like Adelita’s (a more popular club a few doors down), and the other joints in La Coahuila. But on New Year Eve night HK goes all out! For those that don’t know, Hong Kong is a brothel, thinly “disguised” as a strip club, just like Adelita’s, where you can sit with the girls, drink with them, talk, fondle them and eventually fuck them (if you’re interested in that sort of thing).

BUT unlike on regular nights, for New Year Eve, the show the women put on, and the levels of debauchery, are much more extreme! The quality and looks of the women are also a lot better than Adelita’s, in my opinion. Many of the women in Adelita’s look fake – fake breasts, fake ass, fake hair, nails, eyelashes, attitudes, etc. My wife and I paid $5 bucks each to get into Hong Kong on New Year Eve night. Not too shabby, especially since it came with a free can of Heineken beer (to get you started) and Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider later that night to toast the New Year.

The moment we walked into the club I new we had picked the right place to ring in 2016! I also knew instantly this place was not like other clubs! At least not on this night! Right when we entered the front door and passed through security and the velvet curtains, a girl was gyrating up and down on the stripper pole, while a male customer was fingering her pussy! No bullshit! He was in like three fingers deep! I was like WTF kind of ‘strip club’ is this?

Again, I had been inside HK several times prior, and I had never seen no shit like this! It was never THIS lively! Everyone was standing around cheering dude and the girl on, marveling in awe at the beautiful sight on display, much like my lady and myself. Security wasn’t concerned in the least! Unlike at a traditional strip club, where if you even brush against the girl, security is on your ass. I had to do a double-take!

As my wife and I continued walking through the club, there were girls dancing nude everywhere, some simply standing around, ass and titties out, guys groping them, kissing them – the club was jam packed with people. It took us a while to find a seat. But we managed to get good seats right next to one of the stages in the back.

Lucky thing too, because the show we got back there was one for the record books! Man, strippers were face fucking dude’s and other women in the crowd, sitting on their faces, letting you dildo their pussy, letting you finger their twats, letting you eat it, play with their clits, suck on their tits, all sorts of crazy shit. At one point, one of the bulldagger dyke lesbians that work at the club, broke out a huge, double headed-dildo and told the girls to both “fuck it,” and they happily obliged! The crowd went wild! And so did we!

The women on stage also ate each other out, used dildo’s of every shape, size and color on each other, and finger fucked each other. They ate cherries out of each other’s va-jay-jay’s, strawberries too, and fucked and sucked several bananas! I will never look at shaving cream the same way ever again! They lathered each other in shave cream and wrestled, among other kinky things!

It was a very wild show, that lasted for over 90 minutes! And my wife and I definitely participated in “the festivities.” Move over Les Girls in San Diego, you have been dethroned as my favorite strip club! We saw three different girls perform in the debauchery show. One black, two Mexican. All very attractive. Other stages had other girls putting on similar shows too, but we stayed put. Finding a seat the first go-round was hard enough. And as the night wore on, more and more people arrived.

My wife and I did take turns walking around the club, while one of us guarded our seats. The other stage performances were just as nuts. At one point I saw a girl on another stage dancing with a neon, LED light shinning out of her ass! I had to stop and examine where this mysterious light was originating from. She straight had a tiny flashlight in her asshole! No kidding! And she was dancing around the stage, spreading her legs and shinning the bright light in dudes faces. You have got to love a place like this!

One thing that struck me right away was that there were quite a few black chicks working in the club and even Asian and white one’s. Something I had not seen much off in La Coahuila, aside from the sketchy black and white druggie bitches, who sometime hang outside the clubs. These women however were fine as fuck! I also noticed a huge increase in couples and women hanging out in the club. I’m saying A LOT! More than I’ve ever seen.

Which was really cool. Overall I noticed an increase in groups of lesbian and bi-women, as well as couples in all of the Red Light District. Several groups of lesbians CAME in the club on New Year Eve night, no pun intended!

Heck, some of these women even participated in the New Year show and showed off their tits, ass and pussies! Ate the girls coochies who were dancing on stage, man all sorts of sexy madness! As the night wore on, and the drinks flowed, more and more people let loose and began to participate. It was almost like group sex. Something straight outta Eyes Wide Shut!

We had a fuckin’ blast, and we will be definitely returning to the Hong Kong Club for NYE. Again, it’s not THIS crazy every night, but A LOT still goes on. If they did this kind of thing every night, good lawd! I wouldn’t have to travel all the way to Costa Rica and Nicaragua! 

The club even gave us Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider in fancy plastic glasses so that we could toast 2016 at midnight. And fireworks went off INSIDE THE FUCKIN’ CLUB(!) when the clock struck twelve! It was such a fun and memorable New Year celebration.

I love ringing in New Year in Cabo (one of my favorite party towns), Mazatlan and San Francisco are also cool, as is Alamos, Mexico. But it’s going to be really hard for me not to return to the Hong Kong Club to ring in New Year next year… really hard! My wife also had a blast and really enjoyed herself. How could she not? Seeing that one of the dancers really took a liking to her, and kept flirting with her and letting my wife do things to her that she didn’t permit other guests to. Oh my god, just reminiscing and thinking about that shit makes me crazy! I participated too, but I just really enjoyed watching at times, as did other guests.

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