This sadly has become the new “norm.” The picture perfectly illustrates the mentality currently plaguing the ghetto/hood. Women in the hood keep complaining that “there are no good men out there,” and that “they all run out on their responsibilities.” Yet they are the ones raising these young boys, who later become men. So you have to ask yourself, what are they teaching these young boys? If women are the sole parent in the household nowadays, teaching these boys their values, why do they keep becoming the type of men they hate? Wouldn’t their sons all grow up to be perfect men and break this single motherhood cycle?

These men are a byproduct of the new single mother mentality that has taken root in the inner cities of America. They see that momma has no man, and all she does is bitterly bad mouth his daddy, if she even knows who he is, and she sh*ts on men in general and relationships specifically. So the boy grows up thinking that when he gets with a chick he doesn’t have to commit, he only has to smash and leave. The girls grow up learning the same backwards behavior. They don’t need no man, only his child support money and her Uncle Sam’s handouts.

These type of women are raising these dudes that don’t want to commit and run away when women get pregnant. Theyare raising the young girls who imitate their actions and follow in their footsteps. Just read through the comments on this post and you’ll see that the majority of women only place the blame on the men, never on themselves, yet they glorify and celebrate single motherhood, like its chic and fashionable. Never once stopping to think that perhaps that’s why they’re in the situation they’re in. That perhaps it’s the quality of men they keep picking… you know, the very type of guys they raised…

THIS is their feminist utopia.

We now have a generation of narcissistic single mothers who demand to be treated as heroes even though they are essentially losers who made poor life decisions. How many children are out there that have had their lives totally ruined because their mothers decided that they didn’t need a father in their lives?

The statistics speak for themselves; 75% of all babies born today to black women are out of wedlock! 53% of Hispanic babies are also born to unwed mothers and 30% to white ones! 17% of Asian and 66% of Native American babies are born to unwed mothers! That’s an astounding figure! We have several generations of “men” that have been raised by single mothers to think like single mothers. So you can’t complain when the young boys you are raising, become the very men you are now hating.

More children than ever before are being born out of wedlock, and less and less men are involved in their children’s lives, yet more women than ever are having babies, whether or not there is a man around, and whether or not they can afford the children on their own. Sad.

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