The War on Christmas!

I hate to admit it but Sarah Palin was right. I’m officially declaring war on Christmas. For every mall employee who has had to endure an entire month of cheesy Christmas songs. For every parent who has had to blow an entire month’s salary on mindless consumerism to appease their spoilt brat kids. For every every tree that was cut down to die a morbid death inside somebody’s living room. And for every suburban shlep who has had to wear a retarded Santa hat for the family portrait to be plastered all over facebook. This is my declaration of War!!! I will henceforth denigrate this worthless excuse for corporations to turn massive profits! I will reveal Santa for the pudgy porker that he is! And I will personally poop in every nativity scene left out on the front lawn! And I hereby declare the holiday of AntiChristmas! That’s right, to celebrate the birth of the Antichrist!!! Not sure what day it’s going to be cause I still haven’t figured out which Republican he is, but rest assured, it’s on my agenda. Celebrate with me, Heathens!!!

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