The world can be a peaceful, happy, beautiful place, but it can also be a war-torn, ugly, heartless, and evil place. People who are willing to step outside of their insulated lifestyles and self-made bubbles must have a certain type of “bravery” to watch documentaries that portray a real, contemporary circumstance that is SO odious and so inhumane that no one WANTS to believe it actually exists. This is one of those films. This is the stuff you’ll never see on pro-US government news stations like CNN, Fox, etc. There can never be enough documentaries like ‘Palestine Blues’ to counter the 24/7 brainwashing that Americans have mutely accepted for the past 60 years. The results are disturbing, unsettling, and unconscionable, and difficult to reconcile.

While I DO wish that all Americans would willingly watch and discuss ‘Palestine Blues,’ I know that few have the courage to view the results of their complacency. This film is about the Israeli governments construction of a huge Berlin type wall in the West Bank , known as a “security wall,” “critical to safety.” In truth this is a starvation wall used for further oppressing a people that have already been oppressed, exploited and jacked of their lands and resources almost to the point of no return. The Israeli’s control what goes in and what comes out. Basically the Israeli government isn’t content with the fact that they’ve already stolen Palestine from the Palestinians and “created” Israel, they have no intention of a so-called two-state solution, instead they have quickly been taking the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, encouraging illegal Israeli settlements and then creating a huge border fence that runs right through the most valuable remaining land that the Native Palestinians still possess. The land that is arable, possesses the desperately needed water for subsistence farming that is already in short supply in this region. This wall runs through Palestinian people’s farms, houses and businesses, and if they protest, object or stand up to this illegal expansion on their little remaining land, the Israeli “Defense” forces assault, shoot or kill them, men, women and children, of any age.

The simplicity, honesty, integrity and strength of the Palestinian people come across admirably, and they tell their stories with hope always that somehow, someday, someone will listen and begin to put a stop to their on-going victimization. I don’t know how they do it, especially when you consider that they’ve been enduring this same type of treatment for over 60 years! The only ray of hope I have is the fact that countries like Nicaragua (where I’m from) successfully fought off their brutal oppressors, South Africa fought off similar oppressors and here in the US of A minorities did the same thing… I can only hope.

Part of the problem is the powerful Pro-Israeli lobby in Washington that prevents any US administration from criticizing the Apartheid regime, much like the Cuban lobby here in the States that keep the Cuban embargo and anti-Cuban sentiments going. The only place where you can see the truth of what’s going on or hear the “other sides” story is through documentaries like this. I will never comprehend how a people who were so brutalized and exploited can then turn around and do the same thing to other people, especially when you consider these were the only people who openly welcomed them after WWII when no one else would, including the US and British governments.

In one short scene, two elderly but upstanding Palestinian men ask the filmmaker about himself; when he says he is American but Palestinian, they look into the distance with a knowing expression and say, “American, with a passport,” meaning, of course, that HE can escape while they are permanently trapped in a prison which becomes smaller and smaller, and more inhumane every day. Only ignorant apologists could possibly accuse the film of being “one sided”; the other side is VERY well represented, with their tanks and guns and checkpoints and bulldozers which make the native farmers’ lives all but unendurable. Take the red pill: watch ‘Palestine Blues.’

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